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Today, I have the pleasure to inaugurate a new section of my blog. After posting tasty and balanced recipes, publishing articles about nutrition and exchanging with many of my readers – on the web or in real life, I came to the following conclusion: the main challenge for adopting a healthier diet is not the lack of interest for cooking or nutrition, but the constraint supplying fresh produce supply represents.

VitaVerDura delivery
My weekly grocery shopping from VitaVerDura

Because of their busy schedule, most of people are unable to buy seasonal and local produce regularly. Indeed, this involves journeys between their homes and production places, which are often scattered in different districts and villages. Although farmer’s markets offer a wider choice of products in a single location, not everyone is able to get there frequently. Thus, in spite of their goodwill, city dwellers end up buying their food supply from mass distribution networks. These might offer organic and local food, but consumers have no information about the product other than a vague geographical origin and the presence or not of a label, of which they do not necessarily know the exact meaning.

With this in mind, I thought about creating a booklet of companies offering a solution to the challenge getting fresh and quality produce can represent. Time has come to inaugurate the section “Food Supply” with the introduction of VitaVerDura, which I met the co-founder Jean-Marc Imhof during the 7th edition of the G21 Swisstainability Forum.

The concept

VitaVerDura is an e-commerce platform that aims to allow customers to get a wide range of artisanal and fully traceable foods, as well as fighting food waste. VitaVerDura is a solution to the challenge getting delicious regional products represents, because of  the closure of local shops, restrictive opening hours of supermarkets and, mostly, the fact they privilege industrial or foreign products, when local farmers and craftsmen sometimes struggle to find outlets for their production.

Thanks to this wonderful web platform, there is no need to worry about stores opening hours or the provenance and composition of the products: VitaVerDura recreates the link between local producers and the consumers, by delivering at home gorgeous local products in the form of regional and seasonal baskets. Thus, the distribution of food from the producer to the consumer is much more direct than in mass retailing, as logistical constraints are reduced. In addition to its practicality, delivery has the advantage of being environmentally friendly, as it prevents everyone from travelling individually to different places for their purchases. No, this is not too good to be true! The operational mode is simple, once someone had thought of it!

VitaVerDura logo
How to get local produce supply without constraint

How does it work?

Every Thursday, VitaVerDura updates their online offer according to the products available the following week and prices agreed with the producers. After creating and activating your account, a weekly delivery schedule is proposed – depending on your preferences and on the logistical availability of VitaVerDura. You can fill your basket as you like, until Sunday at 9pm, for delivery the following week. You will then receive a confirmation of your order and delivery time and address. Between Monday and the morning of the delivery, ordered products are picked, made or fished according to the demand to ensure minimal waste, and then delivered to your home or to your work place.

After hearing about this fantastic concept, I was eager to place my first order. I was amazed by the immensity of the choice, which has nothing to envy to the supermarkets: seasonal fruits and vegetables – including varieties not found in large stores – dairy, bakery goods, meat, fish, cereals. You will even find a selection of exotic and ethical food, as well as household products and cosmetics.

My first basket was composed of multicolored cherry tomatoes, zebra tomatoes, green beans, white onions (fresh and sweet), spring red onions, cucumber, white carrots, two varieties of lettuce, limes, beautiful juicy cherries, morello cherries (I had not eaten them since my childhood!), apricots, raspberries that were as good as those from my garden, small spelt sourdough bread, a gigantic fresh pizza dough, yogurt, eggs… Everything carefully arranged in boxes which will be picked up at the next delivery.

For whom?

If you are concerned about the origin of the food you buy, and you are willing to eat local and seasonal products, as well as respecting the producers and the environment, VitaVerDura is the ideal solution, provided you live and / or work in Vaud or Geneva.

Do not hesitate to share in the comments if you know about other initiatives of this kind. I will be delighted to know more and write an article about them in this new blog section, which I hope will help many people on their journey towards a healthy and sustainable way of eating.

I wish you much pleasure in (re) discovering the products of your region!


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  1. Joëlle says:

    What a fantastic idea! Even when you live in the country you end up getting in the car to buy local fresh food… Thank you for sharing, Eleonora. I must find out if something similar might be implemented here.


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