Non-profit dance studio in Geneva


Hello everyone!

Several readers have asked the reason for my silence on this blog. People who through my “about” page know it, I’m sharing my time between nutrition and dance, and I’ve prioritized the latter over the last few months. Today, I am going to make an exception in my editorial line to present the project that I am passionate about and to which I dedicate a large part of my time right now: the conversion of a former storage room into a gorgeous dance studio in the heart of Geneva .

This project is led by Association Akhtar, a non-profit organization whose objective is the promotion of non-academic dances, the support to Romandie artists in the field of the scenic arts and the development of dance classes for people who usually cannot afford them: seniors, migrants, young people in social breakdown, people with disabilities …

Akhtar association is currently running a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise the funds for the development of the dance studio: installation of toilets,  exhaust air system, dance floor, changing rooms… Amazing counterparts are offered to the project boosters : dance, pilates or cooking workshops, school support for children, preparation for a job interview, artisan organic honey, consultations in naturopathy, aromatherapy or nutrition, entertainment for your events…

Everytime they hot a milestone in the crowdfunding, the project team members wears fancy T-Rex costumes and take up a challenge proposed by Internet users. The dinosaurs have already done stand up paddling, worked out, spent a morning at the farmers’ market, fought 2 boxing instructors, relaxed with a yoga session and shot a belly dance clip. Videos of their exploits are available on Facebook and YouTube.

Here is the launch video of the project – beware of laughter! :

And this is how the premises will look like after construction works:

I encourage you to support this project in the following ways:

  1. Like the Facebook page of Akhtar association and inviting your friends to do so
  2. By liking and sharing the publications on your personal page
  3. Speaking of this project with your loved ones
  4. By sharing the link with your contacts by email and WhatsApp
  5. By choosing one of the sumptuous counterparties offered to contributors

Here is an overview of the counterparts to get you even more excited about it 😉:

All the details about the project are available on Crowdify.

A massive thank you from Association Akhtar for your support!


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