I am Eleonora, a thirty years old based in Geneva. I’ve always loved and practiced sport : gymnastics, martial arts, running, aerobics, yoga … Today, dance is my passion and occupies most of my free time.

Following sports injuries and health problems, I had to radically change my lifestyle in 2015. I reconnected with yoga, discovered pilates and followed a strict diet. My main concern was to provide my body the necessary nutrients, without neglecting the pleasure of eating. After a difficult first month of endless readings, expeditions in organic shops and many failed culinary tests, I got to enjoy discovering new foods and adapting my favorite recipes to the constraints of my diet.

Six months later, I was in great shape! No more chronic fatigue, sallow complexion or acne. My weight was the same as when I was 20 – I lost 6 kg in total. Result: my girlfriends wanted to do adopt my lifestyle! I became Miss Healthy in their eyes. They asked me the type of exercises I was doing and I wanted me to share my recipes.

My work became incompatible with my new lifestyle : frequent travels, irregular meals, sitting at a desk, stress … Thus the idea of a career change gradually germinated in my mind. I took the plunge end 2015, and made the decision to quit my job.

Through this blog, I invite you to discover my recipes and my advice to keep fit while crunching life to the fullest!

 Enjoy the reading!