Spring Detox – Yoga & Nutrition

Hello everyone, I have very exciting news! I am going to partner with Luc Tranchet to offer a cycle of 4 Yoga & Nutrition workshops inspired by the 4 seasons, their energy and the way the influence our body and mind. At the beginning of each season, Luc will guide us through a yoga practice….

Red lentils dhal

There is nothing more comforting in winter than an a earthy stew. Indeed, the body calls for hot and nutritious food when the weather is cold. The recipe I am sharing today is inpired by Indian cuisine. It is easy to make, tasty and can be prepared in large batches to be frozen. It can…

Exotic rolls: Sri Lankan rotis

I discovered these wonderful rolls in Sri Lanka, during an ayurvedic retreat. They can be eaten as a side dish with curry, as a starter with chutney, or for breakfast with butter and honey, if you make them without salt and spices. This recipe is so simple it cannot go wrong. It will allow you to make eight nutritious…

Sri Lankan treat: potato cakes

Here is a recipe from my Ayurvedic doctor in Sri Lanka. Served with a beautiful salad, it is perfect for a quick and light dinner. Those who love savory breakfast can enjoy the leftovers the next morning. This nourishing dish is prepared in a jiffy.

Sri Lankan breakfast: lactose free rice pudding

I discovered this treat during an Ayurvedic retreat in Sri Lanka. This recipe is lighter than the original version, which is cooked in coconut milk. Quick and easy to prepare, warm and soft, delicately spicy, it is the perfect breakfast in winter. You can replace the coconut and banana with nuts or dried fruits for…