Salad dressings

Adopting healthier eating habits does not necessary involve high expenses. Yes, fresh products from organic farming are more expensive than their non-organic counterparts. But have you thought of substituting some common processed foods with raw ingredients? Indeed, good quality raw food is necessarily cheaper than products that required several refining operations, as these involve more transport,…

Chocolate chia pudding

Hello! As I have not published a sweet recipe for a while, I thought that the time had come to share with you this chocolate chia pudding recipe. It will delight gourmets and cocoa lovers :)! Like most of my recipes, I created it on lazy mood and empty fridge morning. I did not have enough…

Tropical sweetness: coconut chia pudding with passionfruit sauce

This tasty recipe can be enjoyed for breakfast, dessert or as an afternoon snack. It is quick to prapare, however the chia pudding should be made the day before to give it time to set. This recipe is suitable for gluten and lactose intolerant people, as well as vegetarians and vegans. Chia seeds contain plenty of omega-3 and fiber….

Marinated salmon of my London girlfriend

This recipe was inspired by a dinner at a London friend. I love fish and I eat it regularly, but salmon has never been among my favorites. Except when smoked, I find its taste bland and boring, and I do not appreciate the butter sauces with which salmon filet it is often served. This dinner…

All you need to know about oil

Vegetable oils are present in any kitchen. They are used daily for seasoning or cooking. What are the nutritional benefits of different oils? How to combine them in a balanced way? You will find in this article a description of the properties for each type of oil, as well as tips for everyday use.